Norwich Union Equity Release (Dec 2021)

Norwich Union Lifetime Mortgage Review

Are You Considering Norwich Union Equity Release? What are the Pros, Cons & Costs? Discover If Norwich Union Lifetime Mortgage Schemes are for You.

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Norwich Union Equity Release Review

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose the best equity release provider with all the choices available.

Or is it?

Is Norwich Union equity release the best?

The providers that we review, including Norwich Union are the leading lifetime & equity release companies in the market who can help you release cash tied up in your house.
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As experts in the equity release field (we’ve reviewed more than 250 schemes!), we’ve combed the market, researched all equity release service providers and narrowed it down to who’s on top.

Is Norwich Union the ideal equity release company to assist you and your family?

What Is Equity Release?

An equity release mortgage is, in a nutshell, a loan plus interest that is paid back to the lender when the homeowner passes away or goes into permanent care. The homeowner’s family usually pays back the cash released, and the interest incurred, from the sale of the home in question.

Learn More: What’s Equity Release?

How Does Equity Release Work

Equity release is available for individuals or couples over the age of 55, with the youngest homeowner’s age determining the amount of equity that can be released. It is important to note that some equity release schemes may require the homeowner to be 60 or older.

Learn More: How Does Equity Release Work?

What About the Norwich Union Equity Release Calculator?

Before you consider using the Norwich Union equity release calculator, please take note.

Our providers can almost always match & BEAT any existing equity release quote that you find through Norwich Union. So first use this calculator below & see how much you can release.

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Norwich Union Equity Release

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Who Are Norwich Union?

Before June 2009, the British portion of the insurance corporation Aviva was known as Norwich Union. It first opened its doors in 1797. It was previously a component of the FTSE 100 Index and was listed on the London Stock Exchange. 1

Aviva has developed from a succession of corporate mergers to become the world’s fifth-biggest insurer, serving roughly 50 million consumers with savings, investments, and insurance.

Today’s shift is part of Andrew Moss’s “One Aviva, twice the value” strategy, which intends to maximise the company’s full potential as a worldwide group, which was announced in October 2007. Aviva’s goal to flourish in an increasingly competitive and worldwide industry requires a consistent, recognisable trademark and identity throughout all of its territories.

For Norwich Union customers, joining Aviva means more than simply a name change; it also means becoming a part of a company that is evolving to suit the demands of its clients. Aviva clients in the UK will benefit from the group’s worldwide knowledge and expertise, which will result in enhanced products and services in the future.

Aviva is presently the world’s fourth most valuable insurance brand, and the name change advertising campaign in the UK has been extremely successful; public awareness of the name change jumped to approximately 80% following the initial burst of advertising and has remained high. Because of the present economic circumstances, Aviva has been able to promote at cheaper rates, obtain more cut-through, and gain from the additional exposure, such as when advertisements stayed on billboards after the paid-for booking period had expired.

Want to compare this company with another? Try equity release calculator BBC.

FCA Address

Wellington Row
North Yorkshire
YO90 1WRY O 9 0 1 W R

Trading Names

  • Aviva Equity Release UK Limited
  • Norwich Union Equity Release Limited

FCA Permitted Services

  • Mortgages & home finance
  • Consumer credit
  • Investments
  • Other activities


  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Financial Services Authority

Registration Numbers

  • FCA Ref Number: 310433
  • FCA Reg Number: 03286484
FCA Link: FCA Link

Norwich Union Info

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