Equity Release As The Newest Retirement Investment

The equity release market has increased in popularity over the last few years. Retirees use capital from their properties to unlock financial freedom by accessing equity and releasing it as a loan. Equity release is seen as a benefit for people who want to maintain control of their property but have run out of other

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Introducing Equity Release on a Freehold Flat

Equity release plans were once only available to homeowners who had mortgages, but now anyone can use them so long as they have enough equity in their home. This article will explore equity release on freehold flats and how it can be an attractive option to help you fund your retirement without having to sell

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Equity Release Myths

Do you have questions about how equity release works? You’re not alone. Confusion around equity release prevents many people from considering this popular form of financing. So we take on the task of debunking 5 equity release myths. A common type of equity release in the UK is a lifetime mortgage, which allows a homeowner

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Introducing Equity Release Solicitors

Equity release solicitors provide a way to make your property wealth go further, allowing you to stay at home and maintain independence while waiting until later in life to move into residential care or assisted living accommodation. If this sounds like something that interests you, then read on for more information! Why Are Equity Release

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Is Equity Release the Right Thing for Me?

Releasing equity is a big decision and you want to be sure that you’ll have no regrets in the future! Did you know that more than half of all homeowners in the UK are over 50? Being part of this fortunate group gives you more financial options. Equity Release is growing in popularity in the

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Are Equity Release Interest Rates on the Rise?

Equity release rates have increased from an average of 3.95% at the start of 2021 to an average of 4.10% in March 2022. What Does Equity Release Entail? Equity release is a unique mortgage option for those who are 55 years and older. It allows you to take out a loan against the value of

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JP Morgan adds gold for Natural Resources fund

JP Morgan adds gold for Natural Resources fund

The JPM Natural Resources fund has boosted its gold hoard from all-time low levels following ongoing concern for oil and copper prices. Run by Neil Gregson and his commodities team, the £760m fund is trying to position itself in a market with “appalling sentiment”. Portfolio manger James Sutton says: “We have increased our gold position

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ETFs: Hot metal

Commodities are hot at the moment. After three catastrophic years oil, copper and silver looks cheaper than ever. For a contrarian investor, this weakness could be an opportunity. One of the purest ways to access commodities is through exchange traded commodities. Before ETCs were launched real assets like nickel, gasoline and wheat were only available

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Frequently asked questions

Equity release is a pension product that can be used to unlock the value of your home, you can withdraw equity from your property without having to sell it.
Usually you don’t have to make any repayments while you’re alive, as the interest ‘rolls up’.
Equity release involves borrowing against your home, the money released will need to be repaid when you pass away or move into long term care.

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